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Preplanning a Funeral

Preplanning a funeral has many benefits. To start, preplanning provides you and your family with a funeral service blueprint.

Selecting a Funeral Home

If you are unsure which funeral home to choose, the MKCH provides a list of funeral homes for you to begin your search.

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MKCH has some of the most affordable cemetery plots and services in Southern California.

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MKCH matches potential buyers with individuals who are currently selling their cemetery property. It is not uncommon for property owners to relocate, go for cremation, divorce, upgrade, or just change their minds about their cemetery plot. Our licensed professional will meet with you in the cemetery where you would like to buy a plot. We will personally show you the plots for sale and help you with any questions you might have about purchasing a cemetery plot. If you decide to purchase a plot, we will then arrange an appointment with the cemetery for the title transfer from owner to buyer, prepare all of the necessary paperwork, and meet with you in the cemetery office to complete the process.